Thursday, January 12, 2012

Memopal automation

So I use Memopal as my cloud based backup service. I like them because multiple computers can back up to a single account automatically. That's really its best feature. It lacks a public api and the web interface is a little clunky (like once you start running out of space and trying to figure out what to delete).

So I found that I had ~400 Itunes backup files being stored at 30MB each. And the 3-click per file + several seconds to delete  wasn't going to work for me. And there was no public API that I could code against, especially with session based authentication.

I couple of firefox plugins and a little hand editing in a text editor and 400 files, worth 12G gone in a few minutes.

Here are the details.

  • Install IMacro for firefox for the automation
  • Install Link Gopher for firefox
  • Navigate to the folder with the files that you want to delete
  • Use link gopher to get a list of all of the links on the page. 
  • Copy the resultant html page and paste into a text editor
  • Remove any files that you want to keep
  • find "https" -> replace "URL GOTO=https"
  • find "get?" -> replace "delete?"
  • select all and copy
  • create a dummy macro via record.
  • edit the macro and paste
  • play back the macro. 
It is the little things in life that are worth celebrating (and blogging). 

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