Monday, December 30, 2013

Sequence Based FlexUnit integration testing

Did you know that sequence based testing is built into FlexUnit? I was relieved to find this link in the documentation ( If you go to that page, please scroll to the bottom section about "Using Sequences".

One of Twin's clients needed a real time update for currency exchange. Basically in our system, instead of a continuous feed, the business requirement was that every week the admin would enter the new exchange rates (there were only 5 that were relevant). Once saved, there was supposed to be a real time push notification to all open clients so that they could update their forecast data. 

Here is what my integration test needed to prove: 
  • Get the current exchange rates from the service
  • Save a new exchange rate
  • Receive the push notification
  • Validate that the new rates has been recorded into model under the correct date.
var rtmpManager:ExchangeRateRTMPManager = new ExchangeRateRTMPManager();
var sequence:SequenceRunner = new SequenceRunner(this);
    sequence.addStep(new SequenceCaller(eventDispatcher, getInitialExchanges, [weeks] ))
    sequence.addStep(new SequenceWaiter(eventDispatcher, INITIAL_RATES_EVENT,TIMEOUT, handleTimeout));
    sequence.addStep(new SequenceCaller(eventDispatcher, saveCurrency ,[er]))
    sequence.addStep(new SequenceWaiter(eventDispatcher, SAVE_CURRENCY_EVENT,TIMEOUT, handleTimeout));
    sequence.addStep(new SequenceDelay(15*1000)) //Delay 15 s to see if we can get a notification in that time
    sequence.addAssertHandler( validateRTMPManagerReceivedPushNotifcation, null);;

Tests passed, and it worked beautifully!

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